Terms and Conditions

Definition of terms

Agreement”- means the terms and conditions provided here in

Company/Firm/website”- refers to alcovewriting.com.  This is the organization responsible for providing different products to clients according to this agreement.

Client/Customer”- Any individual or a group of individuals that has ordered for any of the products offered by alcovewriting.com in accordance with these terms and conditions

Writer” Any individual who is contracted by alcovewriting.com to offer various writing services according to his/her area of expertise and in line with the laid out agreement

Editor”- Any individual who is contracted by alcovewriting.com to offer editing services in accordance with these terms and conditions

Order”- The request made at alcovewriting.com by a client specifying his/her needs and paying to get such needs to be satisfied.

Product”- It’s an original piece that is prepared by alcovewriting.com in accordance to a given order.

Product Revision”- A request by the client to modify the final product based on the instructions given when placing the order.

Support staff”- Any individual employed by alcovewriting.com to assist client at any given stage of the ordering process.

The ordering process

Individual responsible for ordering-The responsibility of placing an order rests on the shoulders of the client. He/she can seek assistance with completing this process by contacting the support staff.

Falsified information- The client is at all times supposed to provide accurate and truthful information when completing the order form. The company cannot be in any way whatsoever responsible for the harm or damage that the client may suffer as a result of not providing accurate and truthful information during the ordering process.

Order payment- The client is supposed to pay for the product ordered for upfront. The company will only begin working on a client’s order only after the amount due for the ordered product has been fully paid.

Order Completion- The client should consider the ordering process complete only after the company has reviewed the order and accepted to work on it. Acceptance of an order by the company is based on the availability of a writer or an editor who is capable to work on the outlined task.

Pricing and Discounts

Prices- The prices for the offered products are as quoted. The company reserves the right to review such prices from time to time without prior notice to the client.

Discounts-The Company aims at making its products affordable by offering discounts to clients. Discounts are offered on a case to case basis. Such discounts should be applied before the clients pay for the ordered product. The company reserves the right to change the rates whenever deemed fit without prior notice to the client. The company also reserves the right to decline to offer such discounts to any client.


Importance of instructions- Writers and editors at alcovewriting.com rely on the issued instructions to offer various products as ordered by clients.

Responsibility of issuing instructions- While writers and editors are supposed to do their level best to understand the instructions given, it is the duty of the client to make sure that such instructions are clear.

Damage caused by unclear instructions  The Company shall not be liable to the damage that the client might suffer as a result of unclear instructions. This applies too for the harm that might be caused as a result of lack of instructions.

Additional instructions after an order has been completed- The client is advised to make sure that are the instructions and materials needed to prepare the requested product are provided before completing the ordering process. However, in the event that a client decides to add more instructions after the ordering process has been completed this will be considered as editing and as such it will attract extra charges.


The company’s writer or editors are allowed by the client to use any relevant material that is needed to prepare the ordered product. The number of such materials should be determined by the client.

Specific sources- In the event that a client wants the writer or editor to use specific sources, it is the sole responsibility of the client to make such sources available. Such sources must be availed in a timely manner to avoid delay in delivery of the ordered product.

Order volume

 The volume of products offered will be measured in terms of pages

One-page double spaced- this will be equal to two hundred and seventy-five words

One page single spaced- The equivalence of this will be five hundred and fifty words.

Nature of the offered product

Purpose of the product- The products offered by the company are supposed to help the client with completing his/her academic work. Grade guarantee- The company does not in any way whatsoever guarantee a client better grades or otherwise as a result of using its products. By ordering the products offered by the company, the client agrees not to submit the delivered products as his/her own original content. Prohibition of using the company’s products- The client has the responsibility to find out if his/her learning institution prohibits using the kind of products offered by the company.

Guarantee of Originality

The company has a right to offer an original product prepared as per the client’s writing instructions. The client reserves a right to demand a plagiarism-policy from the company.

Rejection of plagiarized paper – In the event that a client receives a product whose plagiarism percentage exceeds the allowed minimum, he/she has the right to reject the work and demand for a free revision or refund for the amount of money paid for the product.

Delivery of the product

The client is responsible for making sure that he/she downloads the completed product from the website or from the provided e-mail address. The company cannot be held liable for any damage that might be caused by failure to download the product or by the difficulties that might arise as a result of this.

Amendment of these terms and conditions

By placing the order at the company, the client accepts that the company reserves the right to modify any and/or all of these terms without prior notice to the client. It is the duty of the client to visit this page from time to time so as t become familiar with such changes.


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