Revision Policy

At our goal is to fully satisfy all the clients who place their order at our firm. Going in line with this, our professional online academic paper writers and editors do their level best to ensure that we submit work that fully meets our clients’ expectations. It is therefore no wonder that we have been cited as one of the best online writing firms that assist students in writing different types of academic papers. As expected, some clients may feel dissatisfied with the final product that we submit to them. In such a situation, it is your right as a client to request for a free revision.

Scenarios when a client may ask for a free revision

When the writer fails to follow the issued writing instructions– In the event that you feel that the writer or editor who worked on your order did not follow the issued instructions to the latter then you are entitled to a free revision. It is good to note that it is the duty of the client to provide clear instructions. While our writers and editors do their level best to adhere to such instructions you are not entitled to a free revision if the reason why the individual working on your paper failed to follow the issued instructions is because they were ambiguous. It is good to note that while we encourage our writers and editors to seek clarification if there are some aspects of the order that they do not understand, it is the sole duty of the client to provide clear instructions.

If the writer failed to use a given requested material when working on your order– Sometimes, the clients request writers to use specific materials when working on their order. In such a scenario, the client has the responsibility of making the specific material that he/she wants to be used in his/her work available. In the event that he/she avails such materials and the writer fails to use them he/she should request for a free revision. Such a revision should be done in time period of 24 hours or less for urgent orders and about 3 days for regular orders.

Poor quality of the delivered order– If due to one reason or the other you feel that the work delivered to you is of poor quality then you are entitled to initiate the process of requesting for a free revision. While requesting for a free revision based on this reason, you must be sure to provide evidence that indeed such work is of substandard quality. Our quality assurance team shall carefully go through such evidence when making final decision of whether you truly deserve a free revision or not. In the event that our quality assurance team deems your case worthy of a free revision you have a right to request for a writer reassignment. This however shall depend on the availability of another writer who is qualified to handle your order. It is also your duty as a client to specify the deadline for revising your work.

Situations when the request of a client to get a free revision maybe declined

While our goal is to enable you excel in your studies, there are a number of scenarios when your request for a free revision might be declined.

When your revision instructions do not match the initial instructions made when completing the order. For you to qualify for a free revision, you must not change the initial instructions of your order. The only time this is allowed is if you have submitted your order, and we are yet to confirm having assigned it to a writer. After we have assigned the order to a writer you are not allowed to change such instructions. It is important to note that any changes of instructions that a client makes to an order after we have assigned it to a writer will be understood as a request for editing services. Editing as a different product will therefore be offered at an extra fee as indicated on the order form. It is for this reason that we strongly encourage clients to confirm their order details before they can finally complete it.

In the event that a client requires a writer to use specific materials but does not provide them– The client must provide all the specific materials that he/she wants to be used when working on his/her order. If the client completes the order without providing such instructions he/she is not entitled to a free revision if the writer does not use the specified materials.

Making an order request when 14 days, after the client has already received the completed order and approved it, have passed– As a client, you have up to 14 days to request for a free revision. This time begins to be calculated after we have completed and submitted your order. The client will be required to order for editing services which attracts extra charges if he/she needs his/her work modified after the lapse of this period.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the work even after getting a free revision?

It is worth to point out that clients’ who place their order at our firm are entitled to unlimited revisions. This is as long as such revisions are in line with this revision policy. We therefore encourage our clients to take advantage of this key benefit of ordering for our services instead of rushing to open a dispute. There are however scenarios when you are allowed to open a dispute. First, you can launch a dispute if you have already received one free revision for an urgent order and still you are not satisfied with it. In case of a regular order or one which is not considered to be urgent, you should have received a minimum of two free revisions for you to launch a dispute. It is good to note that you cannot receive a free revision after opening a dispute and it is yet to be resolved. We promise you that all revisions shall be resolved in the best interest of the client.


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