Privacy Policy respects client’s right to privacy. The company commits itself to ensure that this right is not violated in any way. As a result of this, clients are encouraged to go this privacy policy to understand the kind of data that we gather from our clients and how we use such data. This policy also outlines the principles that guide us in such data collection. Above all else, all the data that are collected by the company are used to enhance the provision of the various products. The company therefore promises the client that the collected data will not be used in any malicious manner whatsoever.

Types of data that we collect

By accessing our website and ordering for our services you allow us to collect different types of data. The different types of data that we might collect include:

I.p address– This helps us to identify the number of new visitors that we get on our website.

Access location– Aids us in understanding the geographical location of our client base

Browser type– This information is important when making the crucial decision on how to configure our website.

Access duration– This data helps us in improving the quality of content that we share on our website.

Pages of the website accessed– Helps us to know which of our products are popular and as such tailor them accordingly.

It is good to note that this type of data is collected automatically once you visit our website. There is a category of personal data that we do not collect without the consent of the client. This kind of information has to be filled out by the client in order to access some parts of our services. This kind of information includes:

Name– Helps us to verify the identity of our client

E-mail Address– This information is important as it helps us to contact our clients. It is also good to note that we use the provided e-mail to send the ordered product to our clients. E-mail address is also used when creating a client’s user account on our website.

Phone– This information is used to facilitate communication between a client and our client support team.

Billing information

Apart from the aforementioned data, the company may also request you to provide information that will facilitate payment of the products that you have ordered for. Such information including credit number is only used during the payment process. Such sensitive system is shared on a secure system and the company does not have access to it.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to keep details of the visitors of our website. The information collected by the use of cookies is stored in an aggregated manner. This means that it cannot be traced back to a specific client. This helps in protection of the privacy of our clients. Additionally, we have a cookie banner on our website that lets the visitors decides whether to allow cookies or not. In order to use cookies we seek consent from our clients. Basically, the data that we collect by the use cookies is used to enhance our services. The company may also use this kind of data to make targeted advertisement campaigns. For more information on cookies kindly refer to our separate cookies page.

Storage of collected data

We have implemented various security protocols to ensure that the client data that we store on our website are safe. Specifically, we utilize encryption technology to achieve this goal. The main purpose of storing such data is to enhance the client interaction with our website and to improve delivery of our services.  Apart from this, such data may be stored for a number of reasons that include:

  • As a way of complying with the law
  • To help us meet other relevant legally binding agreement
  • To help us keep financial records that are accurate among others

Duration of storage of collected data

The collected information is not stored for any longer than is necessary. The client has a right to request the company to discard the personal information provided by him/her. Moreover, the client has a right to delete a user account created on the company’s website. However, the company cannot be held liable for any damage that might be caused by such an action.

Third party websites linked to our website

This site may contain external links that might redirect you to other third party websites. If you decide to click on such links and visit the websites that they redirect to, it is good to note that our privacy policy will not apply. This is because third party websites might have their own privacy policy that you need to familiarize yourself with. The company therefore is no liable to the misuse of personal data that might be suffered by a client as a result of accessing a third party website from our website.

Sharing personal information

The company does not share client’s personal information with any third party without the informed consent of the client. This however does not apply to data in an aggregated format. This is because data that are shared in this nature cannot be used to identify a specific client. It is also good to note that where the law requires us to share clients’ personal information such as with a government agency we shall comply.

Accessing your personal data

The client has the right to access the personal data shared on our website. Visitors who decide to register on our website have the right to modify including updating their personal information.

Modification of this privacy policy

The company reserves the right to modify this changes as it deems fit without prior notification to any and/all clients. Whereas the company is not obliged to inform such changes to clients, we shall do our level best to communicate such changes via various platforms. It is the duty of the client to regularly check this page for any changes and updates. If you choose to visit our website and/or order for our services, you agree to adhere to this privacy policy.


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