Refund Policy

At we endeavor for our entire clients to feel safe when they are placing their order at our firm. As a result of this, we have a refund policy that lays down the guidelines of asking for a refund due to one reason or the other. Please note that our aim is to fully satisfy our clients with custom writing service as well as other products that we offer and as such, we have your best interest at heart. This therefore means that we would hate for you to be in any way dissatisfied with our products. We however understand that there are unique scenarios when a client might want to get back the money that he/she has already paid to our firm.

Key situations when you can request for a refund

When you have mistakenly paid for a single order for multiple times– If you have made an error of paying for a single order you can ask for a full refund for the amount that exceeds that which would be charged for a single order.  Normally, the refund will take about three business days. This time frame can be more or less.

After placing orders that are identical– Sometimes it happens that a client places similar orders by mistake while in essence he/she is only in need of a single order. In such a scenario, it is your duty as a client to cancel the rest of identical orders and clarify to the support team that you need only one order. Kindly note that, for you to get 100% refund of the extra cancelled identical orders you are supposed to cancel them before we have assigned writers to work on them. Should you fail to cancel the order on time then the amount to be refunded is subject to negotiation. The amount agreed to be refunded shall be fair to both the client and writers who have already begun the process of working on the extra orders.

Plagiarized work–If by any chance you receive a paper that has been plagiarized then you are entitled to a refund. In this case, the refund shall be 100%. It is however worth to note that the burden of proof lies with the client. For you to be refunded you must produce evidence that your paper contains plagiarism that is of unacceptable level at the time of making the request or within reasonable time after placing the request. Failure to do so shall lead to forfeiting of such refund. We however assure you that our entire academic writers and editors have strong academic writing ethics. Furthermore, they understand how to keep plagiarism at bay. This means that chances of getting a plagiarized paper are almost zero.

Missed Deadline– While our writers are time conscious we are aware that in rare occasions they might miss the set deadline. This is however something that we try our level best to avoid. When it happens, you are entitled to request for a refund. It is good to note that the order submission deadline is calculated after the ordering process is completed. This process is considered complete after the client has completed the order form, fully paid the amount due upfront, and we have confirmed having received it. No refund shall be approved for a deadline that was missed due to an incomplete order.

Unacceptable work–If you consider the order submitted to you as totally unacceptable then you should request for a refund. For your refund request to be approved, you must provide a strong case of why you should get such a refund. Specifically, such an argument should be based on lines of the writer not following the issued instructions or depicting ineptitude in working on the given project. You must cite clear examples of such instances in your paper. In such a scenario, a client is entitled to a refund of up to 40% of amount paid for the order. This rate will vary depending on the merit of each case.

Lack of a writer to handle your order- We try our level best to hire writers from different fields of academic study, but we cannot guarantee that you will always find a writer who is qualified and ready to work on your order. In the event that we lack a suitable writer to assign to your order we shall refund your money. In such a scenario you are entitled to 100% refund within a period not exceeding three business days.

Common scenarios when a refund request shall be denied

  • When the refund request is made after the time allowed for making such a request has already lapsed.
  • When after our quality team goes through the completed work and decides that it has been written according to client’s instructions. In such a case, if the client had placed a request citing that the work is unacceptable then he/she shall not be refunded.
  • In the event that the client complains of poor quality of order completed he/she is entitled for a free revision. If the client refuses to get such a revision to improve the quality of his/her work, he/she shall not be offered a 100% refund.
  • When a client requests for a refund based on the fact that he/she did not get the expected grade. It is worth noting that at we do our level best to ensure that our clients excel in their studies. This however does not mean that we give grade guarantees. This is because other factors that influence the final grade that one scores in his/her paper such as personality or contribution to class discussions are out of our control. Any refund request that shall be based on a client not scoring the desired grade shall therefore be declined.

When should I begin the process of requesting a Refund?

You can begin the process at any given time provided that the period does not exceed 14 days after you have received the completed order. Any refund request initiated after 14 days have lapsed after the client has received the completed order shall not be approved.


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