Mgmt 6356 Final Case Assignment

Please be reminded that case studies are the only chances in this course that you can write about what you digest in the textbook and your thought in your own words. “Case 6: Realigning HR Practices at Egan’s Clothiers” on pp. 596-8. Cengage Unlimited purchasers also have access to the integrative cases included at the end of the textbook. If you cannot find the case, ask other students or Cengage. Unfortunately, I am not a subscriber, so do not know how to access them. Answer the following questions in order: What are the pros and cons of Egan’s performance appraisal system? What suggestions for Egan’s pay system would you make to solve their problems? Explain how your answers can help ease the issues. Propose solutions that are specific to Egan’s. Use facts in case only.

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