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Abortion Legalization and its Effect on Human Health

There is an increased yearly rate of hospitalization of women with abortion-related complications in the developing world.  Legalizing abortion will help reduce the rate of unsafe abortions that are rising worldwide due to policy rules on abortion, which have become more restrictive in many countries. Benson, Andersen, and Samandari demonstrated that unsafe abortion and inadequate post-abortion care are the major contributors to maternal mortality and cause of death among reproductive women worldwide (39). An estimate of 47,000 women dies annually from complications of unsafe abortions. Despite having negative health outcomes, abortion should be legalized to minimize the number of unsafe abortions, number of maternal deaths, and hospitalization due to unsafe abortions in settings with strong legal restrictive rules.

Abortion should be legalized due to the high rate of mortality ratios contributed to unsafe abortions. The increased number of unsafe abortions is attributed to the presence of restrictive legal rules prohibiting abortion. The presence of restrictive legal rules scares women from accessing the necessary post-abortion care, which leads them to practice unsafe abortions. The fear of legal appraisal among women compels them to practice unsafe abortions that lead to mortality. For instance, Benson et al. found out that an estimate of 15 to 25% of women in need of medical treatment on abortion do not seek care because they face the stigma that compels them to engage in unsafe abortion that further lead to risks of morbidity and mortality (39). By legalizing abortion, restrictive rules against abortion will be eliminated, which will enable women to seek post-abortion care that will lead to safe abortions and reduced rates of mortality and morbidity.

Abortions should be legalized due to their usefulness in providing women with necessary health care during the pregnancy complications. The pregnancy complications that are attributed to different health-related conditions and behaviors including smoking and social economic status could lead to the death of women affected. The pregnancy complications among women are related to ectopic pregnancy incidences and risk factors such as diabetes. The pregnancy complications increase the rate of mortality among pregnant women. Legalizing abortion ensures that risks of pregnancy complications are minimized by providing better post-abortion care. For instance, Khaskheli, Baloch, and Baloch found out that 60% of women with ectopic pregnancy and Hyperemesis gravidarum complications received abortion services to reduce pregnancy complications and mortality (746). Therefore, by supporting abortion legalization, the risk of pregnancy complications among women will be reduced.

However, abortion should not be legalized as it could increase the number of unwanted pregnancies, spontaneous abortions, and future health complications. Legalizing abortion will provide the youth with an opportunity to engage in pre-marital sex that leads to unwanted pregnancies. As a result, the youths will seek to engage in spontaneous abortions that have an adverse effect on the health of youth. The increased number of abortions will lead to future health complications. Abortion should, therefore, not be legalized to protect the health of the youth and the women in general. According to Mellesse et al., approximately 67% of the patients studied engaged in spontaneous abortions that increased incidences of miscarriages in the preceding pregnancy semesters (4). Prohibiting abortion will reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and health complications in future among the women and society in whole.

In conclusion, it is evident that abortion should be legalized by removing legal and restrictive rules against abortion. This will help in reducing the number of unsafe abortions which are the leading cause of deaths and health complicated problems. Enabling women to make decisions pertaining to abortions will reduce the number of unsafe abortions. Moreover, legalizing abortions will allow women to access post-abortion medical care that leads to safe abortions and reduced number of complications.

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